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Try our restaurant Mobile Marketing video training for Free! Our course is designed specifically for restaurant owners that are Canadian! Mobile marketing is the most affordable and effective way to reach your customers – try it today!

All over Canada, restaurant SMS marketing, mobile website and mobile app are being used to fill tables and drive profits to their bottom line! Mobile web surfing is now outdoing traditional internet 2 to 1 and it’s on the rise for all Canadian! Mobile marketing reports reveal that by 2014 people will be searching the web on their phones – rather than PCs or laptops! Watch now and learn all about Mobile Marketing for free!

Restaurant mobile marketing is one of the best ways to get and keep customers and build relationships that drive loyalty and referrals – the lifeblood of restaurants. If you own a restaurant in Canada, you’ll enjoy this free program geared toward the Canadian. Mobile marketing is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to drive profit to your bottom line. We’ll teach you the basics of mobile marketing for restaurants including:

  • Restaurant Text Marketing
  • Restaurant SMS Marketing
  • Restaurant Mobile App
  • Restaurant Mobile Website and more!

Restaurant SMS marketing can help you fill tables on slow nights – restaurant text marketing can remind customers of reservations – restaurant mobile app can let people make reservations or check wait times on the go – restaurant mobile website can let people browse your menu and find directions on the way. Busy people like mobile technology!

Can Mobile Marketing Really Help My Restaurant?

Absolutely! Restaurants are using mobile marketing tools such as SMS marketing, mobile app and mobile website to gain and keep market share. Some examples of successful restaurant mobile marketing include:

  • Launching a QR code campaign that linked to a mobile app game that you could play to earn a dollars off coupon
  • Sending SMS marketing messages to let customers know about drink and menu specials
  • Developing a mobile website to allow customers to easily find their eateries

Our FREE restaurant mobile marketing video course will teach you:

  • Restaurant SMS marketing
  • Restaurant Mobile Apps development
  • Restaurant Mobile Website basics
  • Tips for Restaurant Text Marketing

Your target customer is a savvy hi-tech Canadian. Mobile marketing is hot right now and if you’re not using a mobile website and SMS marketing to promote your restaurant, you’re missing out on valuable business.

Can Mobile Marketing Help My Restaurant Make More Money?

Definitely! Restaurant text marketing programs can help customers find you easily. If you own a restaurant, mobile website is the first thing you need. If you want a more successful restaurant, mobile app is an even more exciting trend to try! Canada has millions of smart phone users ready to find and visit your restaurant if you are prepared with a mobile marketing strategy.

“My cake shop was losing business and I needed to get the word out before I went under. I saw your free course on restaurant mobile marketing and prayed it would work for me. It did and better than I could have ever hoped. I developed a mobile app for kids to decorate virtual cupcakes and sent SMS marketing messages promoting 2-for-1 deals and the cake of the day to great response. I even set up my own mobile website easily. I was amazed at what I was able to do after your free course. My cupcakes and I thank you ever so much!”
Trista – Leaf Rapids
 “I inherited a mom and pop diner from my folks last year – I knew we needed a techno-upgrade, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Then I saw your free mobile marketing training and tried it for myself. Now I’m bringing in business with a mobile app, SMS marketing and a mobile website. Mobile marketing is my new best friend – thanks to your free class!”
Jess – Snow Lake
The future of marketing is the Mobile Web. Try our FREE mobile marketing course to tap this hot marketing trend!

Our FREE mobile marketing course is targeted for any restaurant owner that’s Canadian. Mobile marketing video training is free and easy if you act now – learn to drive profits to your restaurant! We will teach you all about:

  • Restaurant SMS Marketing
  • Restaurant Text Marketing
  • Restaurant Mobile App
  • Restaurant Mobile Website

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